In the world of poker, marked cards are like secret weapons, evolving from basic tricks to high-tech cheats. Brands like Modiano and Bicycle offer a range of marked decks, with the Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck as the gold standard. These cards, marked with invisible ink or barcodes, give players an unfair advantage. Detecting them requires skill, from simple riffle tests to high-tech scanning devices in casinos. Marked cards blur the line between skill and cheating, adding spice to the game. Staying alert is crucial to keeping poker fair. Understanding marked cards is key in this shadowy world where victory sometimes depends on more than just luck.

In this beginner's guide to live poker. From basic mechanics like betting and discarding cards to advanced strategies like going all in,

If you're new to live poker, here's a quick guide to get you started: When it's your turn, bet or call by pushing your chips forward. Protect your cards to avoid dealer mishaps. Pull in the pot with glee when you win, and don't forget to stack your chips neatly. In tournaments, follow blind rules and don't hesitate to ask the dealer if you're unsure about anything.