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Slowplay Poker Size Jumbo Barcode Marked Cards | poker cheating devices

Slowplay Poker Size Jumbo Barcode Marked Cards | poker cheating devices

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Slowplay poker size jumbo barcode marked cards are seen by the phone analyzer, chip tray camera, car key camera, power bank analyzer, etc. Shop our premium Slowplay Poker Size Jumbo Barcode Marked Cards. Explore a range of marked cards, poker cheating devices, infrared ink customization, and more. Gain an edge with UV marked cards visible through special lenses. Perfect for magicians and card enthusiasts. Note: Designed for entertainment & card tricks.

  • CASINO LEVEL PROFESSIONAL CARD SET: Contains five red deck and five blue deck of playing cards for Texas Hold’em or any other card games. Designed with a perfected finish that is extremely durable, raising your poker experience to the next level.
  • EXCEPTIONAL HANDLING: A slightly textured back with a matte finish makes these poker cards easy to handle, whether you are dealing, shuffling, mucking, or picking them up; a smooth underside allows them to slide perfectly across any surface.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & 100% PLASTIC: Made of a safe and flexible PVC material, these durable playing cards don’t easily mark, dent, or tear, making them the perfect choice for prolonged entertainment.
  • WATERPROOF & WASHABLE: These cards withstand liquid stains and smears, maintaing a brand-new look and feel. Completely washable, it's easy to get rid of any finger marks or any other residue.
  • JUMBO INDEX: Bold indexes on two corners allow for easy recognition of community cards from any position around the table. A solid, pure color is sustainable for long periods of use without fading while a minimalist print layout will make your next poker night stylish and professional.
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