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Bullets Poker Jumbo UV Marked Cards | Poker Cheating Devices

Bullets Poker Jumbo UV Marked Cards | Poker Cheating Devices

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Bullets poker jumbo marked cards are seen by UV contact lenses and UV  sunglasses. Explore our Bullets Poker Jumbo UV Marked Cards for an edge in PPPoker cheat and poker games. Discover marked playing cards, poker cheating devices, infrared ink, and more. Customizable options available. Perfect for magicians and card tricks. Please note: These UV marked cards are for entertainment purposes and visible through special lenses.

The dimensions of the playing cards themselves correspond to the typical poker format of 3.46'' x 2.44'' (wider than the classic French hand).

Due to the smooth surface of the front, our poker cards glide optimally over any table. On the back of the cards, the surface is finely structured, so the cards can be lifted better.

The material is very elastic and washable, so the cards do not deform despite frequent use and remain playable for a very long time both when used on the road and at home. The larger index makes it easy to see the community cards from any position.

Both decks include a handy playing aid from which poker beginners can easily read the order of the hands.

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